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Maximize your Points by bringing your friends aboard!

You’ll earn 20% of the Points your referrals earn — plus an additional 5% for the friends they bring to YOLO Games.

You know the play, degens: invite whales to move up the leaderboard FAST.

Referrals work both in the BOOST phase and in the regular seasons.

⚙️ How It Works

Referral relationships are created as soon as a referee completes any of the following actions within 30 days of using your ref code:

  • Playing any game on YOLO Games
  • Connecting their Twitter or Discord account

Once a prospective referral clicks your link or uses your code, they’re exclusively ‘bound’ to you for 30 days (meaning no one can poach them). But after that, it’s open season — meaning anyone can attempt to refer them.

👥 How are Referral Points Distributed?

Referral Points are instantly added to your Points balance as an off-chain record.

💯 How Do I View My Referral Points?

You can see how many referral Points you’ve earned on the Points overview which is available on the Rewards page.