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YOLO Tokenomics

Say Hello to $YOLO.

You may have already guessed that it’s the native token of YOLO Games. Well done.

YOLO is a Blast-based token that underpins the YOLO Games ecosystem — with it, you can play across a range of on-chain games and participate in YOLO’s Liquidity Pools to earn fees and rewards.

The YOLO Distribution


Total Supply: 8,888,888,888 YOLO

Ticker: $YOLO

Contract: 0xf77dd21c5ce38ac08786BE35Ef1d1DeC1a6a15F3

YOLO Tokenomics Breakdown

Community (61%)

Rewarding community participants and providing incentives for ecosystem growth.

The first 10% will be allocated as an airdrop for Season 1 participants, 3% will be allocated to Stakeland, and an initial 2.5% will be allocated to LOOKS stakers (with [REDACTED]% drip-fed in future seasons).

Core Contributors (24%)

An allocation for the YOLO Games team and advisors who have worked on the project.

All core contributors are locked on a four-month cliff with three-year quarterly unlocks thereafter.

Early Supporters (4%)

Token rights for the angels backing YOLO Games’ development.

10% is unlocked at TGE, followed by a three-month cliff and 24-month linear unlocking period.

Liquidity (11%)

An allocation that supports liquidity campaigns, including an LBP sale on Bazaar and V3 liquidity added to Thruster.

Emissions Schedule

As mentioned, 26.9% of the supply will be put into circulation at launch. The chart below shows the release schedule for the next 38 months.

YOLO Unlock Chart