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About YOLO Games

Welcome to a new frontier of on-chain gaming. YOLO Games exists for one reason only: to get degens paid.

Win or lose in our suite of crypto games, you’re getting rewarded. With every move you make, your pile of Points only grows — and your leaderboard ranking increases. Complete daily tasks and hit new milestones to progress, then take home your cut of a huge reward at the end of every season.

💥 Built on Blast

We’ll level with you: you just can’t get the kinds of high-octane thrills YOLO Games delivers on a regular ol’ blockchain. To build the ultimate gaming hub, we’ve turned to Blast’s layer two solution.

Why? For starters, it’s Fast with a capital F. Forget block times, congestion and all that nonsense. Once you’ve bridged over from Ethereum, you’re in a whole new world of light-speed transactions and fast-paced gameplay.

But wait, there’s more: gas fees are a fraction of what you pay on the base chain. And of those you do pay, 100% gets passed along to developers on Blast.

Oh, and did we mention that the whole ecosystem is dripping with incentives?

💯 Keepin’ it 100

We said you’re getting rewarded, and, on God, we mean it. Our players get:

  • 100% of fees generated
  • 100% of native yield
  • 100% of Blast incentives

Not enough? Fine. We’ll throw in $YOLO tokens, too. More on that soon 👀

💰 Get Points, Get Paid

Please no not more points I can’t take it anymore. Trust us — YOLO Points are far from your average rewards system.

Pretty much everything you do on the platform earns you Points: playing games, completing quests, hitting various milestones. Of course, we have a soft spot for degens, so the higher-risk moves will yield the most Points.

At the end of every season, you’ll cash in for massive $YOLO rewards — our very own, Blast-native token.

🎮 The Games Suite


Predict whether crypto prices will increase (MOON) or decrease (DOOM) during a 60-second period. Guess correctly to win!

In MOON or DOOM, you can speculate on the outcomes of ETHUSD and BTCUSD markets. Accurate price information is pulled directly from Pyth’s feeds.



A high-stakes, winner-takes-all battle royale. In YOLO, players add crypto to a shared pot — and the more they add, the greater their chance of winning. Essentially, a player’s odds are proportionate to their share of the total pot.

When deposits close, the wheel spins, before landing on a player. That lucky mf takes home everything in the pot (minus a small fee), while the losers go home empty-handed. They’ll still get Points as a consolation prize, though.

YOLO uses Gelato for randomness, ensuring that results are always transparent and provably fair.

Play Poke the Bear

🐻 Poke the Bear

Can’t cope with the YOLO heat? You’re going to love venturing into a cave with a violent, psycho bear.

Joking aside, Poke the Bear is lower-risk than YOLO (though note that this comes with a lower reward). The premise is simple: players pay a fee and enter a cave where a sleeping bear resides.

You’ll each take it in turns to poke this beast, praying with every turn that he doesn’t wake up. Inevitably, though, he will — and he’ll maul the person responsible. Meanwhile, the victim’s fee will be divided up and split among the survivors.

Once again, Poke the Bear uses Gelato for provable fairness.

Play Poke the Bear