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Poke the Bear

🐻 Poke the Bear

Enter the cave. Take a seat. And wait for your turn to poke the bear. Here, your only goal is survival.

In PTB, you’ll join other players as you each prod a sleeping bear with a stick. Eventually, one of you is going to wake him and get mauled. The victim’s entry fee is then split between the survivors.

Play Poke the Bear

⛓️ What Network Is Poke the Bear On?

Like all our games, Poke the Bear is playable on Blast.

💱 Does YOLO Games Charge a Fee?

Yes — we take a fee of 3%, which is later paid out as part of users’ rewards.

☁️ Which Oracle Does Poke the Bear Use?

Poke the Bear uses Gelato VRF to generate randomness and ensure fair, transparent winner selection.

🎮 How Do I Play?

You’ve got a selection of caves to choose from, each with different entry fees and number of seats. Click on your preferred option to enter the cave, and hit Join Now!

Connect your wallet, accept the terms, and choose the number of rounds to enter. By entering multiple ones in a single transaction, you can earn additional Points. Hit Confirm and Pay, complete the transaction in your wallet, and you’re in!

The round begins when all seats are filled. A player will be selected at random to poke the bear — you can do this either by physically tapping him, or by waiting out the timer for 15 seconds.

One of two things happens here:

  • The bear stirs, but doesn’t wake. Gameplay continues as another player is selected.
  • The bear wakes, and devours the player responsible. The game ends.

As the bear mauls his victim, the surviving players grab their share of the loser’s entry fee (split equally among them).