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The Gaming Suite

Name a single other venue that enables you to poke psycho bears and predict the flight path of UFOs. We’ll wait.

There’s something for everyone on YOLO Games — whether you’re into high-risk, high-reward degeneracy, or low-risk, low-reward cruising. One thing that remains the same across all our titles: everything’s completely visible on-chain.

We use various oracles for randomness and price feeds, which determine the winners (or losers) of a given game. From there, it’s possible for anyone to independently verify that the game’s outcome was fair.

Playing games is the easiest way to rack up Points. Be sure to check out the Rewards page for Quests and Milestones that can boost your share of the seasonal $YOLO distribution.

With that said, let’s take a look at the current lineup!



Think you know where crypto prices are headed in the next 60 seconds? Time to put your money where your mouth is.

In MOON or DOOM, you’ll predict whether crypto prices will increase (MOON) or decrease (DOOM). Guess correctly, and you win!

MOON or DOOM currently supports two markets: ETHUSD and BTCUSD.

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This one’s for the thrill-seekers.

In YOLO, players deposit USDB or ETH into a shared pot. The more they add, the greater their chances of winning. When the timer hits zero, the wheel spins, before landing on the victor — who takes the entirety of the pot home.

Sorry folks, there are no prizes for runners-up.

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🐻 Poke the Bear

Take a seat and grab your stick.

You — and the other players in the cave — are going to take it in turns to poke a sleeping bear. Fair warning, he’s not a morning person. And whoever wakes him will find that out the hard way.

On the bright side, the loser won’t need their entry fee as they’re getting mauled by the beast. So the survivors split it between them, and GTFO!

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🪙 Flipper

This one probably doesn’t need an explanation. Here it is anyway.

Pick a side on a provably fair coin, then flip it. If it lands on your predicted side, you win. If not, you lose.

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👾 LaserBlast

It’s all-out galactic warfare, captain.

An alien invasion is inbound — and you’re the only one that can slow them down. Hop into your trusty spacecraft, load up the laser cannons, and protect our planet.

In LaserBlast, you’ll fire beams through an asteroid field to decimate the pesky invaders. Each one has a multiplier attached, representing the return you’ll earn should you hit them. Adjust the number of rows of asteroids and risk level as you see fit!

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🧪 Quantum

This one’s easy enough. Pick a number between 0.1 and 95 (right down to two decimal places). Then, select whether you want to ‘hit’ over or under it.

Easy. If you’ve chosen Under 50 and you hit anywhere between 0.1 and 50, you win. Naturally, the greater the risk you take, the higher your multiplier.

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🚧 Watch This Space…

The team’s hard at work on several other games. Stay tuned for the next!