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MOON or DOOM is a thrilling entrant in YOLO Games’ expanding suite of games.

The premise is simple: players guess whether the price of ETH or BTC is going to increase or decrease within a fixed period.

Think it’s going up? Select MOON. Down? You’ll want to hit DOOM.

If you’ve guessed correctly at the end of the round, you win!


⚙️ How Does It Work?

First off, players select their preferred market: ETHUSD or BTCUSD. During the round’s entry phase, users can choose between two options:

  • If they believe the price will increase within the period, they’ll select MOON
  • If they believe, instead, that it’ll decrease within the period, they’ll select DOOM

Next, YOLO Games calls the on-chain oracle to lock in the price — and, once this is set, the game begins!

After the set period, YOLO Games again calls the oracle to get the close price. Finally the contract determines the winners and losers by comparing this value against the start price:

  • MOON positions expire in-the-money when the close price exceeds the start price
  • DOOM positions expire in-the-money when the start price exceeds the close price

⛓️ What Network Is MOON or DOOM On?

Like all our games, MOON or DOOM is playable on Blast.

💱 Does YOLO Games Charge a Fee?

Yes — we take a fee of 2%, which is later paid out as part of users’ rewards.

👓 About Results Discrepancies

When a round ends, you might notice that the price shown differs from the final one seen while the round was live. Indeed, you might even see a DOOM result flip to a MOON one (or vice versa).

This is down to the on-chain oracle that we query for the final price. There’s a 30-second break between rounds, but the oracle refreshes every 20 seconds. As a result, it’s possible that the oracle sends an update while the transaction to kick off the next round begins.

## 🟰 What Happens If The Open and Close Price Are the Same?

It's incredibly unlikely — but it can happen. In this case, both sides (MOON and DOOM) lose.

☁️ Which Oracle Does MOON or DOOM Use?

MOON or DOOM uses Pyth's price feeds to source the latest price data.

🥶 MOON or DOOM Appears Frozen, What Should I Do?

It happens — fortunately, it's an easy fix. If you're on Chrome, you'll want to hit F12 to open the Google Chrome Console. Click the Application tab, and locate the Storage category to the right. Under Local Storage, simply right-click the site and hit Clear. Reload the page, and you should be good to go!