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Play games, get points. Get points, get YOLOandYOLO and BLAST at the end of every season. Simple.

Playing on YOLO Games nets you points, regardless of whether you’re winning or losing. We applaud degeneracy, though, so there’s an extra incentive to ape into rounds early: by being the first to jump into a round of MOON or DOOM or Poke the Bear, you’ll earn an additional 500 Points.

First deposit into a YOLO round? Have yourself 3,000 Points, you crazy bastard.

✖️ Multipliers

Every game has a multiplier, which turbocharges the amount of Points you’ll receive (based on a couple of factors, including the amount wagered).

📜 Quests & Milestones

Head over to the Rewards page, and you’ll see a variety of challenges that can help you maximize your points.

Daily Quests

You’ve got 24 hours to complete these bad boys before they refresh. You’ll get Points for finishing each one, and an additional Completion Bonus if you get them all.

Seasonal Quests & Milestones

As the name might suggest, Seasonal Quests last for the duration of a season. Many of these are tiered, meaning that completion will unlock a new challenge (in a similar style), which can net you even more Points as you achieve new Milestones (denoted by the level shown).


Turn your friends into income by sharing your reflink or code. You’ll earn 20% of their Points, plus 5% of their referrals’ Points. Learn more here.